Covid-19 Treatment Booking Protocols


Thank you for booking an appointment with The White Room. Here is a list of our new protocols so you know what to expect when booking. Any questions, please do contact us.

  1. Upon arrival we will take your temperature.
  2. We ask that you bring your own facemask to wear.
  3. We are not able to provide refreshments at this time, so please bring a bottle of water if you wish.
  4. We will send an electronic Covid-19 consultation form to be completed before the arrival of your first treatment. You will not need to complete this everytime, unless there has been any changes in your circumstances.
  5. Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance of The White Room and throughout your journey with us.

Please be reassured that we are still the same people underneath these new protocols and PPE. We have always maintained the highest standard of hygiene and will go even further to ensure our Clients and Therapists safety.

Disclaimer: If your temperature presents above 37.8 we will not be able to provide a treatment. If for any reason you feel even slightly unwell, Covid-19 related or otherwise we would ask that you re-book your treatment. Thank you for your understanding.