Our Lifestyle Store

We believe in a 'whole approach to wellness’ and our store is an extension of this belief. We only work with partners and brands that we know the provenance of, whose business ethics are clear, honest and mirror that of our own high-standards.

We provide products that reflect you. For your home, for your body, for your mind, for your inner wellness, for your beauty and for your happiness – all consciously sourced and ideal gifts to make someone else feel divine too.

We stock a large range of vegan products and always know what our products contain, where and how they have been sourced and made.


Wellbeing: the state of being comfortable, healthy & happy



Our Therapy Room & Studio

We are a sanctuary of non-judgement where you can be cared for by Professional complementary Therapists who continually work hard at their crafts to ensure that they always provide a high-level of service - that is bespoke to you.

Our historical building in Bideford, North Devon is home to our studio and store.

In addition to Complementary Therapies we provide a whole range of wellbeing classes and events.

Join one of our weekly Yoga classes (Hatha, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra), to calm your nervous system, lengthen and strengthen your body and to learn how to breathe peacefully. Or join one of our Yoga/Meditation Workshops. A mini retreat which combines all of our Yoga practices and time to be at peace and meditate.

We also provide a number of weekly Pilate’s classes: our workouts are low-impact and designed for progression. Strengthen your core, improve balance and posture and generally feel a sense of accomplishment after every session. Or join our monthly Fusion Workshop: Sculpt & Tone followed by Yoga – 2.5hrs of a combination of cardio work out , followed by Yoga to exercise the body and the mind.


The Team

We are a team of happy likeminded souls.

Our mission is to carve out a life for ourselves that we love living, so that we can be the best version of who we are and pass that onto our clients and customers every-day.

We believe in community, inner community in our ‘Team’, and supporting our wider community as a whole. We work with integrity and respect for all around us and are passionate about everything we do.


From The Founder:

I came across a well-known quote a few years ago ‘Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire’ - by Jenniffer Lee.

If you get your life path right the first time you are a lucky one. My journey has been winding with many a moment to be proud of, but also times of extreme stress. We don’t always have a choice to pursue what ‘sets our soul on fire’, but when we do it is life-changing.

I am forever grateful for my family & The White Room family/friends – you are all my dreams come true.

Sophi x