Slow Summer moments

Slow Summer moments

Whilst Summer tends to be packed full of plans, adventures with friends all whilst juggling school holidays, it is easy to forget to slow down and create some little yet simple summer moments. 

You might be familiar with ‘Hygge’, a Danish concept which can be translated in so many ways but in a nutshell it means creating a calm, cosy environment, taking pleasure in simple moments and togetherness. Typically it is associated with Autumn/Winter when it feels natural to cosy up against the elements however Summer is a perfect time to embrace a few slower moments to balance out the busyness of the season. 

For us, slow summer moments could be drinking your first cup of tea in the garden to take in the morning sun, a gentle walk along the beach breathing in the salty air, long lazy picnics with friends and once the sun goes down, cosying around an outdoor fire pit or lighting a scented candle that brings back holiday memories.

We have picked some of our favourite things that are perfect for encouraging you to create a few slower moments this season. 

Pukka tea


Hygge is often associated with wrapping your hands around a mug of something wonderfully warm. However for Summer mornings, we love this Fresh Start tea from Pukka. Simply pour into your favourite mug and spend a few moments in the garden, soaking in the early sun whilst sipping on this delicious tea. A Pukka twist on the traditional lemon morning drink, this tea will help you include healthy rituals throughout your morning to optimise your wellbeing and set good intentions for the day ahead.

 Coconut Lime candle      

This Coconut and Lime candle will evoke wonderful memories of summer holidays and warm lazy days spent at the beach. Our Conscious Coconut Candles are crafted with 100% sustainably sourced coconut wax. Natural coconut wax is non-toxic and has a clean, even burn allowing the fragrance to beautifully infuse your living space.

 Wanderlust mint Amethyst necklace


This stunning fine cord necklace from Wanderlust life features a Mint Green Amethyst gemstone which promotes calm, serenity and peace, the perfect accessory when you want to embrace a few simpler summer days.

 Part Two poncho


For when the sun goes down, this beautifully soft poncho from Part Two is the perfect thing to drape across your shoulders and feel cosy yet chic. Made from a cashmere/wool mix, you won’t want to spend an evening without this wrapped around you!

“Today’s little moments will become tomorrow’s precious memories”

Happy Summer!
Lots of love, 
The White Room Team